My clients appreciate their privacy, so I have taken snippets from their Thank You notes to share with you.

Testimonials for Monday Morning Musings

Your musings have become sort of like a marker on a trail, a signal that a new stretch of terrain has just begun, and that all is not lost if we just get our heads on straight and lean into it...gracefully if possible. DS ~ Ventura, CA

Your musings with my coffee and I'm ready for another week. KM ~ Orcas, WA

"Mmmmmmm... reflective.  Peaceful. Soothing.  Balance restored.  Thank you!" 

Testimonials for Private Lessons

I have worked with Joan Roulac since 2006 on a monthly basis.  Our time together is always around what I need and what comes through her to bring to me - it's always unique and amazing.  I have built 3 companies from start up to over 5 million in annual revenue.  I recommend the Power of Joan!!! ~ JB Salt Lake

Joan is the most amazing wizardess who knows just what you need, when you need it and where to find it.  ~ MB Mount Shasta, CA

Testimonials for HEALING SEA Sounds of the Salish Sea

"I closed my eyes and  felt as though I was on a lovely beach with wonderful waves and wind around me."

"My husband and I have listened to it every night as we fall asleep . We both find that we are sleeping deeper and longer than we used to. Listening to Healing Sea has made a huge difference."

"I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night (early morning) and sometimes feel like I can’t go back to sleep. Put on the cd and voila, I’m asleep!"

"This music gives me a feeling of peace and refreshment."

"Oh. My. God. I just died and went to heaven. No wait, I think I’m still alive. Just the first few seconds made me smile – but then I heard the pebbles moving in the surf – unbelievable! How is my heart racing and I feel calm at the same time? What a gift, thank you is not enough! Blue no more… but kind of “gone fishing”!"

"I love my Healing Sea water music.  Any chance of attaching a massage by attractive masseuse?"

"I brought my wife headphones and Healing Sea music to the hospital today. She sailed off quickly into a blissful state. Until then she was uncomfortable even with medication."

 Testimonials for LITTLE ISLAND CARDS


"So beautiful! I love the aesthetic, the color and feel of the velvet pouch, the island photo, the font, the energy, the attention to every detail. Wonderful!"

"We like the size and convenience, easy to keep in pocket and purse."

"Full of good magic and energy."

"The simple messages gently offer a sweeter, slower way to live and breathe in the world."

"The deep green velvet pouch is so elegant and what makes your cards even more special is their clean simplicity and gentle colors."

"The cards are a good tool to use when I am feeling in need of inspiration and direction."

"Sometimes I pull them with others who would like to center around a goal and I have gifted decks to others for this purpose."

"I find the cards to be so in tune to whatever is going on. They sit on my desk and when I am in a quandary I will pick one and it is always perfect. They often bring me back to what I know and what I stopped paying attention to in that moment. I find I can often breathe more deeply upon reading."

"I use the cards as the first step to each creative session in my studio. The cards support the opening ritual I have developed, they have become a physical connection, a bridge between what I set out to do and what Spirit has in store for me, as well as a reminder to be mindful of the many connections between thought and action."

"I look forward to pulling my daily card which helps to guide me with peaceful words on which to center myself and focus on one uncluttered thought for the day."

 Testimonials for T'AI CHI CHIH joy thru Movement

T'ai Chi Chih

"What you taught me about breathing has gone with me to scary medical appointments, so many places – I can’t ever thank you enough."

"My Blood Pressure dropped to normal after our class for the first time in months!"

"Today was awesome! I was a little antsy to start the poses, but the message on breathing was so necessary and it will be my healing. I think it really sunk in today! After years and years, I feel like I got it this morning."

"I have to tell you Joan that ever since you did your align your body exercise in class last week my butt, lower back and spine have been pain free. You are not only a cheerleader but a healer and I love you for that!"

"You: you make me giggle. I treasure your informality and style. I totally respect your years of experience and knowledge. Each class you drop a nugget here and there that adds depth to the practice."

"Being able to do Tai Chi with you has been a blessing that will last a lifetime. Tai chi will always be a part of me."