For more than 30 years I have dedicated my life to studying and teaching how STRESS influences the quality of our Health and Happiness and how we can simply reverse its course by making small changes.

Deepak Chopra targets STRESS as the #1 epidemic

90% of doctor visits are STRESS related

STRESS first, DIS-EASE second

Helping  fast Minds Slow Down, Get Centered and Reverse Anxiety gets me out of bed in the morning because I believe STRESS is killing us unnecessarily.

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CHI Style

We each have unique business, family and lifestyle demands and really want to look good while living happy healthy lives.

Working as a professional Beauty Advisor and Makeup Artist for Nordstrom was so much fun, and I have continued helping friends and family discover their unique Signature Style.

  • Does your schedule leave you feeling overwhelmed?

  • Do you often have difficulty deciding what to wear? 

  • Do you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I would love to help you discover your ENERGY style that saves you time and money.

Getting Dressed is so easy for me now, I can pull together a fabulous outfit in a minute. ” GG ~ Greenbrae, CA

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T’AI CHI CHIH  joy thru movement

“What if you were your own health hero? What if you made your health the most important part of your life?” Dr Partha Nandi

With our very busy lives it’s essential to have GO TO practices we can rely upon that quickly help us Slow Down, Get Centered and increase our Well-being.

What benefits can you expect from regular practice?

  • Increased Focus & Clarity

  • Renewed Strength & Harmony

  • Better Balance & Flexibility

I have had the pleasure of teaching all ages how to boost & balance their Energy from pre-schoolers ( 2-5 year olds ) and their teachers, 3rd graders, 8th graders, High School students, Corporate Executives, small Business Owners and on up through retired Seniors.

” Joan, thank you for being my lifeline. ” FF ~ Anacortes, WA

Regular T’ai Chi practice has value in treating or preventing many health problems as stated in THE HARVARD HEALTH LETTER.

Explore TAICHICHIH.ORG. to find a local Certified Teacher in your area or check with your local Senior Center or YMCA.

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