In the mid 70’s I had my first tarot reading with Sylvia Brown, and I left the session in tears. In that moment I decided why can’t readings share light, beauty and possibility instead of darkness, projection and doom?

Astrology, Oracle cards and Runes have been used for centuries by seers and wizards in many cultures around the world to tell a story that mark a moment in time. Readings require that we turn inward and explore our inner world.

Wanting to get to the heart of any situation fast is really why I created LITTLE ISLAND CARDS  and they work well alone and when used in multi card deck readings. Their practical wisdom never lets me down, and MONDAY MORNING MUSINGS use their voice for shining light on the week ahead for Blog readers.

Clients often request Readings to gain clarity about endings and beginnings. Common themes include self care, stress relief and transitions within relationships especially around birthdays.

30 minute Oracle Card Reading ~ $80

60 minute Oracle Card Reading ~ $150

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I have dedicated my life to studying how Stress can influence the quality of our lives, and teaching seekers how to reclaim their sense of freedom by learning how to balance their personal (YIN) and business (YANG) relationships.

Let’s face it – we leave in very chaotic times and Stress has become the #1 epidemic.  Knowing this fact makes it easier to understand slowing down matters especially since 90% of doctor visits are Stress related.

The older we get, the more important understanding the impact of our thoughts, feelings and actions becomes and really being aware that we have the power and possibility to manifest whatever we choose. Knowing this allows us to be more strategic and design the lifestyle we require.

Private Lessons are designed for go-getters with little free time. You wished you could find the right intuitive confidant who gets you, doesn’t waste your time, and can help shape the areas of growth you desire. Ideally you dream of finding someone like yourself who is fun and practical as well as a creative free thinker who wields a you got this vibe!

You’ve already mastered the art of business success and now you are willing to invest in becoming equally joyful and skillful with your personal self care, values and essential relationships.

” I have worked with Joan Roulac since 2006 on a monthly basis. Our time together is always around what I need and what comes through her to bring to me – it’s always unique and amazing. I have built 3 companies from start up to over 5 million in annual revenue. I recommend the Power of Joan!!!” ~ JB Salt Lake 

If you’re passionate, courageous and follow your own star, perhaps I can add value and meaning to your life experience. If you are curious, please apply for consideration and a complimentary PRIVATE LESSON, as I am opening my schedule for 2 more  STARS.

helping fast minds slow down, get centered & move mindfully

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T’AI CHI CHIH  a moving meditation

With our fast paced lives it’s essential to have practices we can rely upon that help us Slow Down, Get Centered and Increase Well-being.

T’ai Chi Chih’s gentle movements relieve Stress by relaxing and rejuvenating the body while refreshing the mind. By circulating and balancing the Chi, the Vital Energy within us, the movements promote physical, mental and emotional Health and Well-being.

Fortunately the 20 simple movements are easy to learn and can easily be done by anyone regardless of their age or physical condition.

I have had the pleasure of teaching all ages how to boost and balance their Vital Energy from pre-schoolers ( 2-5 year olds ) and their teachers to 5th graders to 8th graders to High School students to Corporate Executives to small Business Owners and on up through retired Seniors.

” Joan, thank you for being my lifeline. ” FF ~ Anacortes, WA

Regular T’ai Chi practice has value in treating or preventing many health problems as stated in THE HARVARD HEALTH LETTER.

Explore TAICHICHIH.ORG. to find a local Certified Teacher in your area or check with your local Senior Center or YMCA.

And if you live in the Pacific Northwest you can find weekly classes at the Anacortes Senior Activity Center or consider working with me privately online.

helping fast minds slow down, get centered & move mindfully

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