Are you looking for a simple practice that helps you Slow Down and Get Centered?

Created from 44 individual musings, this little oracle card deck is just the size of a standard business cardSide one features a little island image and side two reveals a thought-provoking word or phrase plus create your own musing with the blank card we’ve included.

“I look forward to pulling my daily card which helps to guide me with peaceful words on which to center myself and focus on one uncluttered thought for the day.”  ~ RVM, Washington

LITTLE ISLAND CARDS help you feel more relaxed, centered and peaceful when you welcome their nourishing musings into your heart.

  • Check-in – use as daily inspiration and journal prompt

  • Centering – useful for grounding and partnership

  • Focus – awakening on-the-go mindfulness

Each deck has been printed in the USA on rich matte recycled paper, lovingly assembled by hand, and arrives beautifully wrapped in a luxurious moss green velvet drawstring bag.

If you would like to request a Personal Card Reading, please Contact me.

Produced by Joan Roulac ~ Styled by mindsetart

Healing sea soothing sound of the Salish Sea

HEALING SEA Soothing Sounds of the Salish Sea

Are you looking for a simple way to relax and release anxiety? 

LISTEN and if you do not begin to hear the sound of ocean waves just click the button on the lower right side of your screen and allow HEALING SEA’s wild rhythm to recalibrate your sense of ease.

Hearing these ocean waves helps me relax and fall asleep.” ~ KJR Whidbey Island, WA

HEALING SEA’s wild nature sounds were captured on Washington’s remote coastal beaches and around the tranquil San Juan Islands.

Infused with nature’s dynamic rhythm of ocean waves crashing upon shell, pebble and rock beaches, HEALING SEA offers an intimate listening experience that invites you to gently slow down. Enhance your listening pleasure by using quality stereo headphones that can amplify the pure, low frequency sound vibrations.

Listening to HEALING SEA feels like a mini-vacation:

  • eases anxiety

  • deepens sleep

  • relieves pain

Customize your favorite sound approach by purchasing a 60 minute physical cd or by downloading 3 unique Mp3 versions to your computer. Mp3’s are 20, 60 or 90 minutes in length.

Download Mp3 files directly to your computer first and then transfer to your smart phone or tablet device. Your purchase will not download directly to smartphones or tablets. We do not provide technical support for Downloading to mobile devices. Please note where on your hard drive you save the music files so that you can access them after they Download. If you are not sure about Downloading Mp3 files, a cd order is advised.

Produced by Joan Roulac ~ Nature Sounds Courtesy of Quiet Planet