Even though I had no plans to become a T'ai Chi Chih Teacher, I agreed. It actually made sense as I'd stopped competing with my horses years ago, and now in my 30's realized I'd missed practicing and perfecting my skills.

My enthusiasm for learning the intimate details of the movements had my Teacher insisting I attend the intensive Teacher's Training so I could learn directly from the originator of the form, Justin Stone.

While rehearsing my graduation presentation poolside, a lovely woman asked a few questions about the movements I was performing. "Isn't that T'ai Chi?"

Serendipity was in play as my new friend was looking for a local teacher. When she asked if I planned to offer classes, I found myself laughing and agreed to start leading classes at the apartment complex where we lived. The funny thing was  I had a class forming even before I received my Teacher's Certificate 3 days later? Spirit obviously had other life plans for me and I've been leading and teaching meditation classes for more than 30 years!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." LAO TZU

Students often share they find moving meditation helps them relax, focus and sleep better. Some experience pain relief during class and others can easily duplicate their self healing results by practicing on their own.

Some students let go of excess weight, lower blood pressure and require less medication. Results vary though frequently students share that they seem to heal faster than their doctor expected after surgery. 

Besides T'AI CHI CHIH, I share ancient and modern energy healing practices that help awaken Intuitive knowing, strengthen Vitality and encourage Well-being via: Astrology, Chakras, Energy Clearing, Feng Shui, Meditation, Numerology, Oracle Cards, Runes and more.


We are faced with hundreds of tiny decisions throughout the day, and each one holds the opportunity to choose health and wellness for our body, mind and spirit.

When we feel calm and relaxed we naturally make better decisions. Even taking a few moments to relieve stress can encourage better decision making.

Client Profile:

My private clients require strategic solutions that work quickly and help them navigate their lives with a sense of Clarity, Grace and Ease.

" I have worked with Joan Roulac since 2006 on a monthly basis. Our time together is always around what I need and what comes through her to bring to me - it's always unique and amazing. I have built 3 companies from start up to over 5 million in annual revenue. I recommend the Power of Joan!!! " JB Salt Lake 

My Qigong students often find my classes through a friend or their doctor's personal referral and want to experience better Balance, Sleep and Peace. 

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