Mountaintop Musings peacefull sunset

 Medical research reveals that 90% 

of illness is STRESS related?

What can we do about STRESS?

Increase Well-being.

Healthy Habits increase Well-being and improve 

Listening, Intuition and Movement skills.

Mountaintop Musings soothing stream image on Orcas Island




HEALING SEA - Soothing Sounds Of The Salish Sea

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A powerful audible tool that helps us slow down, relax and sleep peacefully.

Experience a calm, nourished state-of-mind each time you listen.

LITTLE ISLAND CARDS - Follow your heart

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A trusted resource, these simple oracle cards encourage reflection.

Choosing a card helps us look within for answers to guide us through our daily lives.

T'AI CHI CHIH -  joy thru movement

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Practicing T'AI CHI CHIH decreases STRESS and increases Well-being.

Started leading Qigong classes the day I earned my Teacher's Accreditation Certificate in 1987.

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