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Like the wind beneath your wings, Mountaintop Musings offers uplifting solutions that help you Slow Down, Get Centered and Reverse Anxiety.

For more than 30 years I have dedicated my life to studying and teaching how STRESS influences the quality of our Health and Happiness and how we can simply reverse its course by making small changes.

Deepak Chopra targets STRESS as the #1 epidemic

90% of doctor visits are STRESS related

STRESS first, DIS-EASE second

Helping  fast Minds Slow Down, Get Centered and Reverse Anxiety gets me out of bed in the morning because I believe STRESS is killing us unnecessarily.

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HEALING SEA - Soothing Sounds Of The Salish Sea

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A powerful audible tool that helps us slow down, relax and sleep peacefully.

Experience a calm, nourished state-of-mind each time you listen.

LITTLE ISLAND CARDS - Follow your heart

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A trusted resource, these simple oracle cards encourage reflection.

Choosing a card helps us look within for answers to guide us through our daily lives.

T'AI CHI CHIH -  joy thru movement

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Practicing T'AI CHI CHIH decreases STRESS and increases Well-being.

Started leading Qigong classes the day I earned my Teacher's Accreditation Certificate in 1987.

Without you I just don’t know where I’d be. Thank you. I truly appreciate your time and energy that keeps me going!!!! ” ~ JB Salt Lake, UT

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